Lazy Memorial Day Weekend Music Videos!

Chilling this weekend?  Well, here’s a crop of my favorite geek videos to keep you company! Many are extremely NSFW. Be careful, the concentrated awesome here is extreme.

Roll a d6

The existence of this video makes me forgive D&D 4e just a little bit.

Tik Tok Star Trek Parody

Now I want to watch TOS again!

Star Trek Rap

In response – the TNG guys chase trim all the time.

Robocop Rap

OCP in the hizzouse, bitches!

I Am Murloc

Ah, some days I miss WoW.

Sorry,’s embedding fu begins to fail it at this point. Click the titles to go see ’em!

Nerd Rage Rap

Scream my name!

Robot Party

Hopefully you are drunk enough by this point that you really enjoy this video.

Not Enough?

Well, go look at all the music videos that have ever made it onto Topless Robot if you need more fix!

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