Alternity “The Lighthouse” Session Summary 50

Fiftieth Session – The B Team goes to Algemron to investigate the war between Galvin and Alitar. We discover why Alitar is losing; apparently they are even having trouble suppressing the native population of cute little sea otters. We offer to help.

Bruce was gone so Tim took the session summary, it’s a little short and stream of consciousness. We went down to Alitar and decided our “in” to the whole situation was the Alitarian problem with the sealfins. A lot of the session was wandering and talking to guy #1 who told us we needed to go talk to guy #2 who then told us we needed to talk to guy #3…  No really, I think we got up to guy #6 in the daisy chain (although the sixth was a sea otter) by the end of the session.

We did have a lively firefight at a motel though. Ten soldiers (we eventually find out they’re Galvinite military intelligence) hit us, and as we’ve discovered with our Concord Marines, ten dudes with charge rifles can lay down the hurt pretty well.  We had to escape while under fire, though I (Markus) took a couple down and KOed one to stuff in our trunk for later interrogation.

Session #50!  Man! This campaign has been going strong for a while. Paul has started to make noise about “what’s next,” maybe we can bring the External War to a close and then start something else up. We’re all having fun and don’t want to stop till we see the war through though!

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