Pathfinder MMO Is Coming!

What should I just get in my inbox but the big news that Paizo has decided to license a Pathfinder MMO!  And by license, I mean license to a new company partly owned by the same person as Paizo. Here’s the announcement!

The new company is GoblinWorks and is composed of Lisa Stevens, Paizo CEO, notable RPG hellion Ryan Dancey, who liberated gaming with the OGL (haters can zip it) and worked on the EVE Online MMO, and Mark Kalmes, who’s worked for Microsoft, Cryptic, and CCP.

Normally I’d figure an RPG company getting into MMOs is just buying themselves one big cluster-you-know-what, since even WotC bollixes that up all the time, but this seems like a clever melding of talent.  I hope it doesn’t detract effort from the pen-and-paper RPG, but I’m really interested in what they come up with!

Apparently it’s going to be vaguely Kingmaker-themed, and players will be trying to adventure and actually build kingdoms in the River Kingdoms.  Neat!

2 responses to “Pathfinder MMO Is Coming!

  1. As WoTC has failed to learn, time and again, managing a software project is a whole different beast from publishing, but I do hope they pull it off.

    • Yeah, 2/3 of the owners have real MMO experience, and having an owner from Paizo means they’ll get the creative input not at arm’s length… 9/10 of new MMOs suck so the odds are against them, but they seem to excel at beating the odds like a red headed stepchild in their other arenas…

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