Jade Regent

Our group finished off the epic three-year Alternity campaign, The Lighthouse, that Paul was running for us and then discussed what to do next. The result is more Pathfinder – we are taking on the Jade Regent Adventure Path! Paul ran Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne APs for us and they were excellent so we’re happy to get back into another.

Here’s our Jade Regent page, I’ll post characters and session summaries and whatnot there.

The upshot is that we are novice adventurers in Sandpoint (the same town Rise of the Runelords started in) and, because of our relationships with some important NPCs, end up taking a caravan north, through Ulfen (Viking) lands and across the Crown of the World (North Pole) to end up in Tian Xia (Asia)! Sounds like fun.

More later, I’m off to the game!


2 responses to “Jade Regent

  1. Great to hear you’ll be playing through another AP. I really enjoyed reading the session reports and your thoughts on RotR and CotCT a few years ago.

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