Jade Regent – The Brinewall Legacy, Session 2

Second Session (13 page pdf) – We unearth a lot of beached ships in the swamp, and then best a samurai skeleton warrior! We put a caravan together to go check out the lost Kaijitsu secrets in Brinewall.

Our adventures continue in The Brinewall Legacy, the first chapter of the Jade Regent Adventure Path. I sure got my money’s worth from my samurai resolve ability that lets me stay up when at negative hit points.

I was pleased with my character development in this one – besides the fact that a lot of the plot points have to do with my family, my attempt to stand alone against the skeleton warrior to get beaten down and bailed out by my comrades is helping get Yoshihiro out of “personal glory” mode into more proper “all for one and one for all” mode.  It’ll be a while  yet, but that’s my intended arc.

V’lk being mute is a continued source of difficulty and amusement. His attempts to explain to us what he’s scouted sometimes go horribly awry. And then he really did just flip out and try to kill the toughs hanging around outside the inn.  He later explained that he wasn’t paying close attention and thought we were still in the wilderness and they were being more directly threatening…

Humorously, only two of us (me and Gobo) got a relationship point with Ameiko for giving her the scroll because no one else made it out of the brothel after their baths for their own demented reasons (Jacob – bisexual threeway; V’lk – handjob and book reading, Harwynian – afraid of getting dirty again).

Then we wrestled with the “caravan rules” as we planned our caravan to head north.  Having a large party (plus a horse) actually turned it into quite a task to balance out space and supplies and all. Here’s the kind of stuff we had to do…

I don’t mind the logistics planning though I’m not terribly fond of additional little minigames like “caravan combat” – and I hear from the Paizo boards that the rules are crappy and unbalanced.  Paul’s doing something else in their place I believe, but it’s not defined yet so that makes us not really able to make tactical choices. So we just tossed something together and we’ll see how it goes!

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