Jade Regent – The Brinewall Legacy, Session 7

Seventh Session (12 page pdf) – Bonus episode! The main plot can wait as we go to try to pry some loot out of the worm and psycho-haunted Rift of Niltak. Complete with dwarven pleasure mouth!

A dirty hermit gave us a map alleging to show the location of treasure in the weird Rift of Niltak. To quote the Pathfinder Wiki:

The Rift of Niltak is a mist-shrouded canyon found in the Red Mountains of north-eastern Varisia. No one knows what the origins of the rift are, but all agree that it is filled with all manner of strange flora and fauna. Gigantic insects can be seen crawling over plants found in no other place, and the echoes of shrieking bat-like creatures reverberate off the walls of the glen. An accurate description of the rift has not come to light, as those who enter either never return, or go insane shortly after emerging from it.

Since we are already insane (and blind, and mute) we figured, “What the hell.”

After a fight with some insane bears, we have a heck of a time with a batch of gimp psychos and a tentacled worm thing that is their slave boss.  It emanates confusion with a high DC will save, and farts out a fog that provides a -10 to Will saves against it, and dominates… We had a lot of Protection from Evils but that only helps against the direct control, not the confusion and all, and there was literally no way any of us could make the save. And of course on top of that it has wands and swords and a really high AC. I charged through the line of mooks to try to keep it busy; it pretty much took me out fast while the rest of the party was worrying about the minions.I guess next time we should use bows from a distance, but its high AC and fog made most of our missile attacks miss (and it has a 3-magic-missile wand…). Oh and it has SR. And DR.  Did I mention that?  Good lord.

Besides the confusion and control stuff, I was happy to get to fight astride my mount. It’s tough to be a mounted character because you can never take your mount anywhere important in these APs – bad guys can never be in a forest, they have to be in an inaccessible dungeon. (And don’t say be a halfling cavalier on a dog, how would I ever respect myself again…) Akumu does a good job of improved-overrunning people and just generally kicking and biting at them.

We made our way into a dwarven tomb or something on the wall of the Rift, and fought more psychos and Cenobites (you know, from Hellraiser). And that’s where we left it.

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