Random D&D News

There’s a Design Your Own D&D T-Shirt contest going on courtesy of Topless Robot on WeLoveFine.com. Go check out the designs and submit your own!

Also, I just got the email about the D&D Next (aka D&D 5e) playtest being open, and I should be getting an email with the stuff in it soon.  Though I’m a Pathfinder fan, if they can make something simpler – like 2e with cleaned up mechanics, or Rules Cyclopedia Basic – I may be in!

However, I’ve been listening to some actual play podcasts lately – mainly the Major Spoilers podcast is relevant here – and have been realizing how Goddamn boring D&D 4e combat is.  “I shift two squares and hit it.” I want that crap to go away fast. The podcast is engaging till combat hits and then it’s excruciatingly boring (for like an hour!). Hint, that’s how the game has gotten too!

Note the ENWorld discussion forum for D&D Next as well as the WotC D&D Next page.

2 responses to “Random D&D News

  1. I’ve seen the 5e playtest. Email me if you want details, but my opinion is “If this had come out 4 years ago, WotC would probably not be looking at a fractured fanbase. As it stands now, however, it is too little and far too late.”

  2. So far it seems to be around a B/X level of complexity, and I like that. That said, I expect they’ll add more and more moving parts as things go on and it will end up like D&D3 or D&D4, and then I’ll lose interest. For now though, it seems okay, although we won’t be testing it for a week or so yet.

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