One Page Dungeons

I just came across this cool contest, the “one page dungeon.”  (Courtesy Zak.) Check out some of these, they are great handouts!

Like Rough Night at the Dog and Bastard – it’s not a classic dungeon, it’s a (very prettily done) relationship map.  Or Operation Eagle Eye, an espionage dossier.  I like Old Bastard’s Barrens as a great example of old school hexcrawl with a new school almost Wired magazine-esque presentation.

They have the winners listed but you can download a big ol’ zip of all 81 MB of them!

4 responses to “One Page Dungeons

  1. Thanks for the kind words about “A Rough Night…”. I felt a little as if I was cheating with that one, but people seem to like it, so fair enough!

  2. Think your links to those winners might be timing out….

  3. Thanks also for the mention of OBB. Need to know something for a post I’m making though, are you the author of this guide to horror in gaming?

    If so, I think it’s great!

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