Want A Mess Of Cheap Miniatures?

Well, Reaper Minis is having a Kickstarter for their “Bones” (unpainted resin minis) line, and it has raised – get this – $750,000!!!  Their gain is your… gain, because now for a $100 pledge you’ll get 145 minis (and maybe more, as more pledge money pours in!).  The latest nine are officially licensed Pathfinder goblin minis.  You have a week left to sign up!

Now, I don’t know if I want 145 unpainted minis, because I have no patience for painting.  On the other hand… 145 minis for $100?  Sheeeeeeit. How can I turn it down?  A dilemma.  All of you should sign up so they’ll give us more stuff and it’ll help me make my mind up!  🙂

7 responses to “Want A Mess Of Cheap Miniatures?

  1. Can’t afford it, no time for painting since the baby was born (a year ago!)… and it’s too good to let it go. Signed up yesterday!
    They’re also going to let you adjust your pledge for about a month afterwards. I’m not sure if you can change levels but if you already have Vampire you can definitely add some extras with the next paycheck!

  2. Well, they’re nearly to $800k already. Ridiculous! I guess there’s still money in minis!

  3. It’s irresistible, I can’t stop checking!
    PF iconics and a Jabberwock on the way! Inconceivable!

  4. On the plus side it’s a great deal on the mini’s, it makes me wish that I had the skills and talent to paint.

    On the down side, I talked with the owner at my flgs and this (and other kickstarters) are ticking him off. With more and more established companies doing kickstarters he is seeing it damaging his sales. (he lost 6 of the 8 OGRE pre-orders he had got as the people had bought via kickstarter instead) Making things worse is that Kickstarter has started cracking down on people who tried to work with retailers by offering them deals on product.

  5. On the plus side, Kickstarter responded to outcry and clarified that as long as you aren’t selling more then 10 copies of something you aren’t breaking the “bulk sales” prohibition.

  6. And it’s up to $1.2 million and many more minis have been added!

  7. OMG they just keep coming. I upped to $150 to get some extras.

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