Jade Regent – Forest of Spirits, Session 4

Fourth Session (11 page pdf) – Hobgoblins, oni, naga, and gorgons beset our brave adventurers as we grind, grind, grind our way towards the bottom of this dungeon. They are crazy Japanesey hobgoblins, oni, naga, and gorgons though so it’s all good.

Hobs then boss then hobs then boss then, just to mix it up, a boss then hobs. Oni samurai are annoying, those are my (Yoshihiro’s) tricks! But the most challenging fight was with the two naga who totally charmed Jacob.  He spent that entire fight trying to take his armor off (luckily, it takes two minutes) to go skinnydipping with them.

Ninth level is when D&D combat gets spell heavy and is pretty weird and chaotic but hasn’t gotten totally retarded yet (that comes in about another 3 levels).  So we’re all flying around and wall of icing and getting fireballed but healed and spell resistance put on us…  I’m glad we had a whole barrel of hobgoblin arrows up at the entrance to fill my magic quiver with because I was spraying out like 5 a round a lot of the time (rapid shot/manyshot/haste). Once we killed the nagas but Jacob got eaten by a giant gar, that just added insult to injury. Gar, they aren’t even good eatin’.

After that we needed to rest, we had been doing OK but this depleted everyone’s spell reserves totally.

I had to leave at that point, but I don’t regret too much not being there to get turned to stone by the gorgon…

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