Jade Regent – Tide of Honor, Session 3

geishaThird Session (12 page pdf) – Ah, home invasion, the bread and butter of adventuring parties everywhere.  We look to liberate a captured psychic geisha from a big freak, and our Aliens-driven policy of “nobody touch nothing” pays off!

Much of the session was navigating the shadow maze under the mansion, which was pretty cool. We had one false start on the premise that maybe the geisha’s clues were approximate and not super specific – turns out they were super specific. We kill the wizard, free the geisha.  Details in the summary!


3 responses to “Jade Regent – Tide of Honor, Session 3

  1. Aliens driven policy! LOL! I love those.

    In one of my own long running groups, we used to kid around about the alignment system, as it pertains to evil. There are only two kinds of Evil: Aliens Evil and Paul Reiser Evil. It explained things so much better to the noobs, as long as they had seen the movie of course…

    “Okay, look. What if that ship didn’t even exist? Did you ever think about that, I didn’t know! So, now, if I went and made a major security situation out of it, everybody steps in; Administration steps in, and there’s no exclusive rights for anybody, nobody wins! So I made a decision, and it was… wrong. It was a bad call, Ripley. It was a bad call.”

    Other than your typical Lawyer, I can’t think of a better explanation of Lawful Evil than Carter Burke.

    • Yeah, we found this magical Chinese chess board thing… I successfully convinced everyone to leave it alone unless we found out for sure it was a plot point. Turned out no, it was just a bad magical trap. Woot!

  2. Yeah. That has trap written all over it. Nice dodge.

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