Freeport Pathfinder Kickstarter – Cool, Expensive


Freeport.  My favorite hive of scum and villainy. The very first adventure I got for D&D 3e, at Gen Con 2000 when it launched, was Green Ronin’s Death in Freeport.  Since then I’ve used Freeport or content filched from Freeport for many a game, including my current Reavers on the Seas of Fate Pathfinder game (the PCs just captured Morgan Baumann!).

Green Ronin is running a Kickstarter for a 512-page color hardback for Freeport.  Get in!  But… You’ll need $100 to get the print copy.  Sorry. [Edit – now reduced to $80!]

Let me complain a minute.  What the hell is it with these RPG kickstarters where you need $100 to get the product? I did it for Razor Coast only because I was so invested (I was a volunteer proofreader on the darn thing during the dark years when Logue punked out, and I wanted to contribute financially even though I had bought the $30 preorder years ago). I have been staring at this Freeport Kickstarter for a week now and I guess I’m going to do it but only because I have 12 years of history with Freeport. These things are turning off all but the most die-hard fans of the thing they’re Kickstarting.  And this is it for me; I can’t think of any other properties I love enough to Kickstart $100 for.

Am I going to click this $100 button?  I guess?  Green Ronin isn’t actually doing it, Fiery Dragon is, and I played NeMoren’s Vault, it was no Death in Freeport…  And I am feeling burned by the Open Design Dark Days in Freeport ransom project (started 2010) that has gone through several designers and several years itself with ongoing “no really something’s happening!” updates every couple months but nothing to show.

Oh, wait – they listened to feedback and added a $80 option for just the book and not the other cruft.  Ok, deal!  It is a huge 512-page book after all… It better rock!  I have the previous Freeport stuff (including the Pathfinder Companion) so I needs it to add some value.  Come join in, now I need this thing to make another $23k to fund!

3 responses to “Freeport Pathfinder Kickstarter – Cool, Expensive

  1. I am definitely with you there. There are so many Kickstarter projects out there that I want to contribute towards, but when you are trying to budget responsibly it really cuts down on what you can contribute to when the actual product is $100 a pop. On top of that, I’m still waiting on several Kickstarters to even deliver so honestly I’m finding it hard to really justify donating towards another. I’m not burned out on Kickstarter, but I am a bit burned out on the long waits between updates, repeated delays, and lack of a finished product.

    • Yeah, and… I just also pledged to the Torment: Tides of Numenera Kickstarter – where I’ll get Tides and Wasteland 2 both for $45. And I hear you on how much “on spec” it is – it seems more like a “buy it” but it’s really “a super long term investment.” Will I be as excited about stuff I Kickstart from today in 5 years when they ship? Mmmmmaybe. I knew Razor Coast had its content all done so I felt OK about that one. And I’ve been using Freeport for 13 years so I feel good about that. Other big-dollar Kickstarters, I’m starting to realize I’ve spent a lot of money and haven’t actually gotten a single thing from any of them yet. If there’s not good followup it threatens to make Kickstarters the pyramid scheme of the 2010’s.

  2. And it funded! Woot!

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