Carrion Crown Chapter 2, Trial of the Beast, Session 1

In Trial of the Beast, the second chapter of the Carrion Crown Adventure Path, we try to prove the innocence of the Beast of Lepidstadt! He’s just a big ol’ pussycat…

The_Beast_of_LepidstadtFirst Session (16 page pdf) – We return Professor Lorrimor’s books to various folks in and around the University of Lepidstadt and hear about the recent crimes of the big ol’ Frankenstein’s Monster called the Beast. Seems fishy to us so we go do some private investigating, only to find that some swamp slasher has pulled a Buffalo Bill on Dr. Vaus’ human girlfriend!

I’m not really sure why we’re looking to defend the Beast, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  We’re monsters too after all. 😛  Or maybe it’s the fact that they were making a wicker man outside the courtroom to eventually burn the Beast, which caused an unlimited number of Nicolas Cage jokes, that got us engaged.


My new blindness spell worked great against a couple wandering monster attacks! Since it’s from Girl’s evil familiar, to the victims it looks like their eyes are being torn out by weasels.

Also, it took a couple tries for the party to realize that “running around like butt monkeys and getting separated” was a good way to get party members murdered.  Tactics – it’s like natural selection for adventurers!

Se we get duly deputized as Erin Brockovich style defense lawyer investigators and it’s off to the swamp!

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