Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Three

The Reavers on the Seas of Fate campaign isn’t dead, far from it! But with my busy life/work/gaming schedule, I run out of time allocated to it when prepping for the game itself, and so haven’t been blogging about it.  But we’ve been playing biweekly in the intervening year and a half since you’ve seen a post on it, taking session summaries and all!

For newcomers, Reavers is a Pathfinder campaign of my own device, mashing up Paizo’s Golarion (especially Riddleport from the Second Darkness adventure path), Green Ronin’s Freeport, and Razor Coast, plus anything else I have lying around, into one mega pirate campaign. The PCs are pirates of great violence and tenacity – a Mwangi martial artist, an Ulfen nature warrior, and a portly gun-toting priest of Gozreh the sea god.

To recap, in Season One (2009-2010), “Shadows in Riddleport,” the PCs started their life as sailors, made friends and enemies in Riddleport, did some pirating stints aboard the Wandering Dagger, and went through the “Death in Freeport” trilogy mixed up with the Second Darkness Adventure Path, resulting in unmaking serpent man Elias Tammerhawk and interrupting a ritual atop the Riddleport Light that resulted in a tsunami hitting the city. They meet such colorful folk as Samaritha the serpent woman, Clegg Zincher the crime lord, Hatshepsut the monk/priestess from a lost age, Thalios Dondrel son of Mordekai the naked pirate, Lavender Lil the tiefling hooker, Jaren the Jinx the cursed ex-pirate and son of the famous Black Dog, Glapion the voodoo man, and Mama Watanna the voodoo water goddess.

In Season Two (2010-2012), “Eros and Thanatos,” they deal with their shadow-tainted fate from the interrupted ritual – first dealing with the aftermath of the tsunami (Carrion Hill), heading to a nearby island that’s somehow involved (Children of the Void), and returning to find the Cypher Lodge taken over by the phantoms. But, they also get their own pirate ship, the Teeth of Araska, and set out to forge their own destiny as true pirates! They end up going to get Jaren the Jinx to help them find a place on a treasure map Sindawe’s father left him, but have a disturbing stint on a ruined Azlanti island near an Innsmouthian town (From Shore to Sea). And at long last, Serpent and Samaritha tie the knot!

Now welcome to Season Three (2012-2013), “Et In Arcadia Ego,” in which our pirates head out to sunken Azlant in search of treasure and find a lot more than they bargained for. Zombies! Lost colonies! Vampire strippers! Children! Elves! Strap in and come along with us for the ride.  In two weeks is the campaign’s four year anniversary!


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