Reavers Sources – Second Season

Continuing on from the First Season, more on the sources I have used in the Reavers campaign!

Second Season

In the second season, I moved past the “toss in all the L1-3 adventures I have laying around” approach as the established plot and character and setting took root.  Season 2 is basically three Paizo adventures – Carrion Hill (augmented by a Dungeon adventure), Second Darkness Chapter 2, and From Shore to Sea.

  • Carrion Hill, a Pathfinder adventure
  • “The Stink” from Dungeon Magazine #105, by Richard Pett
    I combined these to make a post-Riddleport tsunami “Katrina horror” scenario that spanned all of sessions 2-5 (a bit more than I’d anticipated!).
  • Children of the Void, the second chapter in Paizo’s 3.5e Second Darkness Adventure Path
    This filled up sessions 6-10, plus the optional “Teeth of Araska” adventure from this book occupied session 11! I expanded on it but not with other material really, just my own elaboration.
  • “Shatterhull Island” from Stormwrack again
    I used another mini-adventure from Stormwrack for session 13 after a couple sessions of custom content.
  • From Shore To Sea“, a Paizo/Open Design adventure
    Before this I spent sessions 14-19 purely riffing on preexisting NPCs and stuff spinning out into whole adventures. But then From Shore To Sea became one big ol’ part of this season. Sessions 20-24, all the way to the end of the season, are made of nothing but this puppy!

Now let me be clear – you don’t want to run Carrion Hill or From Shore To Sea as written.  If you go through the blog posts for those sessions you’ll get a lot more details on what I changed, but the Carrion Hill plot and encounters are questionable and in From Shore To Sea there’s ridiculous DCs and other rules wonkiness that would cause some real problems. But they both have loads of great atmosphere and ideas in them, and a GM is the nice slickery lubrication between an adventure as written and his game as run. So this had less mashing up of multiple sources and more elaboration and tailoring of single sources.

Also, the more we’re on the high seas the more I use general wavecrawling, random weather and random encounters to populate entire sessions.  Each ship-to-ship battle is a complex set-piece of its own! Recurring baddies like the Fishwife sprung entirely from that.

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