Carrion Crown Chapter 4, Wake of the Watcher, Session 2

Second Session (13 page pdf) – We fight mutant giants, fish-men, Hounds of Tindalos, and The Colour Out Of Space in a run-down old mansion an in unholy mashup of half of Lovecraft’s short stories.  Next week – the other half!

The fights took a lot of time this session.  The marsh giant was hefty though not much of a danger to us due to positioning.  The Hounds of Tindalos, with their damage-gaze, did a lot of damage to us. And the skum happily charged down a tunnel at us and Xurak and I lightning bolted them out of this universe easily.

The Color out of Space part is creepy, it had husked out a bunch of women and kids and we couldn’t really fight it, it drained stats like there’s no tomorrow.  By messing around we let it go, hopefully to another world or plane of existence. We get a crazy lady to add to the baby in terms of helpless noncombatants we have to worry about.

We finish up by deciding to go kill the heck out of a church full of Dagon cultists!


2 responses to “Carrion Crown Chapter 4, Wake of the Watcher, Session 2

  1. The deep one attack felt like that bit in Aliens with the sentry guns. The GM had upped the numbers to about 40 of the things and they poured down the tunnels towards the party but we were chopping them into pieces to the point that the tunnels became blocked with fishy corpses.

    The colour was much more of a challenge. I can’t remember how we got rid of it in the end but I know we ran away after our first attempt ended with almost the entire party paralysed with depression. I remember that I raised the corpses of the deep ones to go in and drag the rest of the party out but I’m not sure how we killed the thing.

  2. You magic jarred it you blighter! 😉

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