Carrion Crown Chapter 5, Ashes at Dawn, Session 2

Second Session (6 page pdf) – We intervene in vampire on vampire violence with some good old fashioned human on vampire violence – in a tailor shop?

Basically this is one big fight.  Xurak charms the main vamp, but we fight the others till we manage to lock them in a bathroom and tear the roof off to poof them. Then there’s some ghouls and demons. I turn a demon into a slug with baleful polymorph, learning my lesson from last time (when I turned a monster into a little crab and it killed Icobus anyway) to give them no possible attack form.

She turns it into a slug with baleful polymorph – an evil, demonic slug with a boatload of hit points. The slug falls to the ground and oozes away, to one day scare the piss out of a local paladin.

Then it’s all over except for the looting and plot points.

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