Carrion Crown Chapter 5, Ashes at Dawn, Session 4

Fourth Session (14 page pdf) – We kill vampire witches and blood knights, and then almost get killed by angry plant life. Then, it’s off to Renchurch!


We find a corrupted vampire paladin and get intel from him. This allows us to bust in on the vampire witch and blood knight from the side instead of the front. Xurak dispels her solid fog, Nigel hits her with hold person (he’s a dirge bard so it works on undeads), and I power-slide over and stake her! We sic a hasted zombie octopus on the blood knight and it’s like Tokyo Gore Police up in this bitch.

That was easy! We go back to Caliphas and drink. Then it’s off to the Church of All Renfields – where a bunch of hangman trees just about murder us. It’s always the nuisance encounters that cause us to wipe in these games.

After I leave, the group decides to tease an irate linnorm, and end up teleporting away to avoid becoming linnorm droppings.



One response to “Carrion Crown Chapter 5, Ashes at Dawn, Session 4

  1. That linnorm caused the one and only character death my group has seen in four or so years of playing Pathfinder. The GM was chuffed, until we cast resurrection.

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