Mastodon and Pathfinder

So this new Mastodon video has a bunch of gaming – larping mostly, but also the Pathfinder Beginner Boxed Set (which the titular nerd plays with his super old grandma, entertainingly – he is a level 10 CN Barbarian named “Usurper of Death” and she is an eighth level CE mermaid who wears a thong). I find it bizarre but entertaining. Two devil signs up! Courtesy ENWorld.

One response to “Mastodon and Pathfinder

  1. I find it distinctly meh. This past year, I’ve been involved in a project to watch all movies about role-playing games and larp that have been made, and this story is the distilled essence of how most of the stories play out. One of these days we’ll get a representation of gaming as a normal and healthy activity that well-adjusted people can engage in, and that is the day the world implodes.

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