Carrion Crown Chapter 6, Shadows of Gallowspire, Session 3

Third Session (14 page pdf) – As we wander through Renchurch, our necromancer and dirge bard keep us in lively discussion with the local undeads. And we do bong hits with Whispering Way acolytes. (No, really!)

The Worm That Walks

The Worm That Walks

Apparently there’s nothing you can’t add the lich template to, including werewolves and worms. The grind would be a bit trying, but with all the charmed undead we have around, we at least get to talk some before the killing.  When we came across Whispering Way acolytes smoking spirit siphons, Girl was so put out by the dungeon that she flopped down and started taking hits with them. This was quite successful, as we talked with them for a long while and then moved on.

When we fought a bunch of “cenobites” it took us a long, long time to get through our heads that wasn’t code for Hellraiser type cenobites (which you see a lot in Pathfinder, they’re called kytons) but actual, you know, monk type cenobites. But undead, so whatever.

Then it was double up action with the Worm that Walks and the wolf-lich. Spells! Violence!


3 responses to “Carrion Crown Chapter 6, Shadows of Gallowspire, Session 3

  1. By this point the wheels were starting to come off our game a little bit. I remember the worm pit causing a little trouble but we had our own alchemical golem by this point and we magic jarred the qlippoth, making the big fight in the temple somewhat easier.

    • Yeah. When we do WotR and do level 20 + mythic tiers I can’t help but wonder if it’s going to be cool or be unredeemably awful.

      • I suspect it will be a mixture of both. Our Kingmaker game ended when it became too absurd to play on with our sixteenth level superheroes; we were having fun but we made a bit of a mockery of the campaign.

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