Carrion Crown Chapter 6, Shadows of Gallowspire, Session 5


Fifth Session (10 page pdf) – We ascend Gallowspire and it’s a fight to the finish with a would-be successor to the Whispering Tyrant!

Welcome to the final session of our Carrion Crown campaign! It lasted for exactly a year of every-other-weekend play. We’re level 14 and locked, cocked, and ready to rock.

We have some luck and an optimized necromancer – the one fight on the way up the tower that could have been epic and/or fatal was the nightwing, and Zurak banished it at a go. We did a good job at not hesitating to use our spells as we went up but also not depleting ourselves completely.

Then we threw down with the lich!  Well, an amped up semi lich dude. But the “solo caster vs party of PCs” fight never lasts too long, we lay on greater dispel magics and swarm him.

You can see our final L14 character builds (for some of us, at least) on the main Carrion Crown page! I’ll publish a retrospective with thoughts from the players and GM later.

5 responses to “Carrion Crown Chapter 6, Shadows of Gallowspire, Session 5

  1. We sneaked up the stairs and when we got in range, I magic jarred the Final Boss and had him throw himself to his death. It was a bit of an anticlimax, to say the least.

  2. Well done on saving the world again, folks!
    What’s next?

    @kelvingreen LOL, good job! At least it proves your DM doesn’t fudge the dice 🙂

  3. Almost forgot – what’s next for you guys?

  4. Next up is Wrath of the Righteous! We have a couple sessions in the can actually, I need to make the header-pages and all.

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