Reavers on the Seas of Fate – Season Four, Tenth Session

Tenth Session (13 page pdf) – “Fat Ghoul Brings Bad Luck” – The PCs head into mainland Nidal to seek out Wogan’s sister.  The trip starts out well but is disrupted by a whole mess of ghouls – and an undead Hellknight!

Serpent, Samaritha, Wogan, Sindawe, and Hatshepsut are on a riverboat up the Usk to go to Karpad. Tommy, Lil, Slasher Jim, Kahina, Olgvik, and Dum-dum are left in Nisroch to sell loot. Mase Venjum takes the rest of the crew out a-pirating.

But first it’s back to the fey-skin bondage clothing shop.

The escort uses a large black leather umbrella to keep the rain off the small group.
Wogan refuses the cover, choosing to bask in Gozreh’s glory.
From beneath the cover Lil says, “We will be trying on leather clothes. Are you sure being damp is a good idea?”
Wogan joins Lil beneath the cover.

The PCs also negotiate an alliance with Captain Clap, and tell him about White Estrid’s impending (second) sack of Nisroch. He elects not to tell the Nidalese because “they are all scumbags and I’d love to see this place burn. After I get my letter of marque from them of course.”

NPC Guide-288


On the trip to Karpad are two VIP NPCs – Velenne (from the Pathfinder novel set in Nidal, Nightglass) and Alvianna Shadowsworn, an albino glaring druid much like Serpent, who is the representative Nidalese from the NPC Guide. They get to observe quaint Nidalese customs like rounding up the sick and infirm into big metal wagons to be carted off for a “culling.”

Then a fun nighttime encounter – a single fat ghoul fishing in the river. This alarms the PCs, with good reason because they are set upon both by aqua-ghouls and by some undead Hellknight thing riding on top of the river. (This is tied into local lore, the Hellknight Order of the Crux was burned inside their citadel and three graveknights arose from the ruins.)  The ghouls (and fat ghoul!) give them a run for their money; the graveknight just does spell support and leaves when they manage to overcome the mooks.  A nice complicated fight that lasts a while. And that’s it for this one, except for the ghoul fever!

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