Updated Chase Rules RFC

Hey, many of you remember the Chase Rules I’ve been using for years now. We still have chases all the time in my games. Well, I finally got around to updating them and making them more full-featured. Check out my new Geek Related Chase Rules – I’d like to get comments before I lock it down and call them done! Let’s say in two weeks I’ll do a final edit.

Thanks to DaddyDM for expanding on these rules himself, and John Reyst for putting the original version on the d20PFSRD.


2 responses to “Updated Chase Rules RFC

  1. Hey, cool, just as I was looking for something like that for my Mutant World Pathfinderhack… have to trim it down and maybe make the bonus +1 per 5 ft. because vehicles and the significance of the d20 roll, but yeah! Kudos! 😉

    • Thanks! And yeah that’s a good plan, what you want is to maintain the ratio of randomness to stat. If you’re not dealing with speeds mainly in the 30-60 range then +1 per 5 is probably a good idea. When we do our ship I’ve determined that a knot is approximately equivalent to 10 ft/round, and so ships well under sail are pretty darn quick (6 knots easy with the wind, more with better ships) so “I’ll just fly over there” sounds easier than it is…

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