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4e Preview: Angels

Wizards has published another D&D 4e preview of several angels.  As usual, I’m underwhelmed.

On the rules side – I understand shaving down the special abilities of creatures to make them more manageable.  But now even a high level angel or devil doesn’t have any real magical powers, just a couple special attacks.  And those are pretty cheesable; the succubus’ charming kiss and angel of vengeance’s sign of vengeance are probably best used on an ally.

But my main problem is with the backstory change.  Now in 4e, angels aren’t really servants of the gods of Good – they are just Astral mercenaries who sell their services to the highest bidder, of any alignment.  This ties into several other changes – in 4e there is no Celestial or Infernal, just “Supernal,” and there’s no holy or unholy, just “radiant.” 

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