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Support Our Troops With D&D Shirts

PO24964905-frontCThey’re selling boss D&D T-shirts for Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to US armed forces members!

They’re 19 away from hitting their minimum goal with 23 hours to go, so go buy one!

(They have women’s, performance, and hoodie options…)

Big PDF RPG Bundle for Charity

Many of us cleaned up when we gave to Haiti relief and got a bundle with so many PDF products from RPGNow that they still largely sit uncategorized on our hard drives.  Well, they’re doing it again, this time to benefit Doctors Without Borders.  $25 gets you $700 in product, including ICONS, Starblazer Adventures, Spycraft 2.0, Exalted 2e, Dragon Warriors, Don’t Rest Your Head, Hot War, Fear Itself…  Check it out!  Get some of the hot new games and help someone out at the same time.