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Underserved Gaming Genres

Role-playing games are a diverse medium.  Sure, mostly they are trapped in the genre ghetto of standard fantasy/horror/SF plots, but really you can play anything from a kid in the Polish resistance during the failed uprising of 1944 (Grey Ranks), a space-babe trying to win the love of a humanoid rat (Space Rat: The Jack Cosmos Adventure Game),  a slave in pre-Civil War America (Steal Away Jordan), and more.  But I can’t help but notice that three of the absolute most prominent fiction genres are severely underrepresented in RPGs.  These are:

  • Cop Fiction
  • Crime Fiction
  • Military Fiction

This seems odd, as players love to kill things and flaunt convention, and these genres are definitely the ones you tune in to on TV if you want to see someone get their ticket punched or act out.

In my next posts, I’ll investigate these genres, canvas what RPGs do exist in those areas, and examine common “problems” with those kinds of games and what, perhaps, we can do about them.