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Paizo Copyright Flap

Apparently Paizo somehow contacted Obsidian Portal and complained about a bunch of Item Card images being on a popular campaign writeup hosted there. This led to a takedown and some scuffling on ENWorld that Erik Mona chimed in on.

Paizo is “within their rights” but I’m not sure why they needed to do it, is the bottom line. They’re clearly not publishing them in a way that they hurt Paizo – the guy scanned cards he bought that he gave out to players in  his game so they could be added to the campaign record.  I am not a big fan of the current strain of IP law that says I can’t film myself playing a video game or holding a can of Coke without paying somebody. The DM was legally in the wrong but ethically is doing nothing wrong – so why hassle him? All the typical “you have to defend your copyrights” blather, but to what end?  What is it gonna get you? Someone’s going to steal your picture of a boot for some publication and then claim it’s OK because you let someone post it on an Actual Play, and this will put you out… More than the time you’ve already wasted thinking about it?

I’m sure there are all kinds of horror scenarios people can pose about the collapse of Western civilization if someone’s allowed to use something they bought and record it in some way, but you know what?  Fuck it. Most IP law is bullshit and most of it has been created whole cloth in the last 50 years, and we got along fine without it before then.

My advice to Paizo and other publishers – make real damn sure you have a very compelling reason to need to hassle your customers before you do so. And some esoteric legal point isn’t it. Will this really cost you money?  Really?  If not, sack up and move along, being happy that someone cares about your stuff enough to promote it.