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6d6 Fireball Fantasy Minis

Got a line from these guys about their new fantasy minis venture, along with a discount code for our readers! I’m home sick today so I have nothing better to do than pass it on.  The code is for “£5” which I hear is some alien unit of currency but worth a lot more than a US dollar right now.  And heck, four-armed apes!  Add some more arms to the new Apelord race that the One Bad Egg guys just came out with and you’re cooking with gas.

We are 6d6 Fireball and by that I mean myself, Chris Tregenza, and Rob Grimley. We are a couple of gamers who have been playing for 25 years. Earlier this year we started 6d6 Fireball because other web sites and companies were not giving us what we wanted.

Rob has been a longtime miniature collector and painter of both fantasy miniatures and wargaming miniatures. He had grown frustrated at how unoriginal most fantasy figures.

I’ve never been into figures myself because writing and running adventures is my passion. Looking around on the net, I couldn’t find any free resources that really helped the GM do their job.

So we decided to combine forces and create a web site and our own range of fantasy miniatures. The blog has been running for a few weeks and the adventures / GM side of things will kick off properly in a month or so.

The big news is that we have now launched our range of miniatures and we would like to offer your readers a discount code for £5, valid for all orders over £10 in October.

The code is: mxyzplk-1

Our range of miniatures can be found at: http://miniatures.6d6fireball.com/

To go with our Quorakon figures (huge four-armed apes) we have a whole section on their ecology, background and an adventure for available.

Many thanks