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Project Donut = FreeMarket

Some of us have heard very obscure rumors that Luke Crane, creator of Burning Wheel, and Jared Sorensen, creator of octaNe and InSpectres, have been working on a secret effort, dubbed Project Donut.  Well, they broke the news on Story Games that Project Donut is FreeMarket, a transhumanist science fiction RPG!

On the one hand, I like the idea of that…  A game inspired by Sterling, Stephenson, and Gibson!  On the other hand, I’m a little concerned about the tokens/cards they show as part of the game, I personally am not a fan of too much board game/card game in my RPGs.  And what’s up with the chick-with-pumpkin art?

Also, bizarrely, this is a game for Hidden City Games, started by Peter Adkison of Wizards of the Coast fame, which is mainly known for producing Bella Sara, the cute-horse game for young girls.  Both Crane and Sorensen are senior game designers at Hidden City.

But, I love octaNe and InSpectres, and have heard good things about Burning Wheel, so I am keeping an open mind till we see more!  I like the older games Underground and GURPS: Transhuman Space, and am waiting for the perfect RPG implementation of the awesome comic series Transmetropolitan.