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Gary Gygax Passes Away

Unfortunately, D&D co-creator and gaming luminary Gary Gygax has passed away.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his family; my family and gaming group are saddened by his passing.

This may seem strange to some folks because I have certainly not been a fan of his later era work; I’m firmly of the belief that RPGs have evolved and though AD&D 1e was seminal, it isn’t something I want to play today.  I didn’t think much of his endless retreads of it as “Danjerous Journeys/Lejendary Adventures/Pjining for the Fjords” or even the other non-Gygax 1e nostalgia stuff (Kalamar, etc.) and have been outspoken about it.  For his part, he called me “fatuous and jejeuene” on his mailing list for my views.  (Yes, I had to look it up.)  But regardless of all that, he started D&D and carried the torch for RPGs, and the hobby wouldn’t be around, most likely, without him.  So props, Gary Gygax!  

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