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The Frog God Hero Lab files for Razor Coast etc. broke; they got them working but you have to change update URLs.  The new one is at http://froggodgames.org/sites/default/files/herolab/FGGCPupdates.xml

Hero Lab For iPad!

Hero Lab, the bestest character creation software ever (and this is from someone who did some volunteer data file editing for Byakhee, the second bestest) has just released a free iPad character viewer!

It not only views, it lets you do some changes and equip gear, roll attacks/saves/skills, etc. Here’s my samurai character in it!

Hero Lab

Took me a minute to figure out how to do everything, but you can turn on/off abilities and spell enhancements and stuff – never forget the bardsong bonus again!

They’re still working on a full version, which will require a Hero Lab license, but this is a freebie – view other people’s character sheets and feel the magic! Pathfinder only so far, and takes too much memory for iPad 1’s.

Warning, Don’t Update Your Hero Lab Yet

Flash traffic – the new Hero Lab updates for Pathfinder will crash your Hero Lab  if you are on Windows XP, Vista, and maybe other platforms.  Don’t update.  If you have already updated and are crashing, there is a Lone Wolf forums messageboard thread with details and a workaround which is to download the older Pathfinder datafile and import it.

The error for Google reference is:

Address: 0x005ab17d
Type: bad read