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Pathfinder iPhone Apps Ship

Two official iPhone apps for Pathfinder have hit the App Store.  iCrit is their Critical Hit Deck in app form, and iFumble is the same for their Critical Fumble Deck. Both are $1.99.

On the one hand, our group uses the critical hit deck and it’s convenient to have it in app form.  On the other hand, these are overpriced – $1.99 each as separate apps? For what is simply a fortune cookie random generator app? Combining them into one “deck app” that they’d release more content for later, or doing $.99 each, would be more reasonable. And also, I think it’s safe to say everyone had been expecting more out of the app launch. It was talked about first what, more than a  year ago? And the talk of technical delays – I hope that’s some other app and not these, because these are a weekend’s work for any Objective C programmer.

Not having used it, the UI also concerns me – though at first glance it looks just like the deck, it looks like it might take more than one touch to draw cards, which would make me sad – I don’t want to select things then hit “clear,” I just want to touch the screen to get a draw, touch again to get a draw, etc. I wonder if it supports their rules like “Weapon Focus gets to draw two and pick best.” Not that it has to, but if I have to draw a card, clear it, and draw another to look at two and pick then it’s already harder to use than the physical deck.

I was waiting for what I thought the iPhone apps would be… But I don’t think I’m going to spend $2 for an app form of a deck I already own with zero functionality other than randomly drawing a card, and similarly that’s too high for “well I’m not sold on fumbles but it might be interesting…” My phone is app-cluttered enough, if their model is going to be “one little app per product” I am not sure how relevant they will be to me.


Pathfinder iPhone Apps?

I was just listening to a big ol long video of Erik Mona speaking on “Pen & Paper Gaming in the 21st Century” that Louis Porter Jr, had posted on his blog, and he mentions that Paizo has three iPhone apps in the works.  Watch starting around 26 minutes in.

Specifically he describes the “Live Character Sheet” for Pathfinder – add all your stats and stuff there.  One person casts Bless – you can see the other iPhones on the local network and select what characters get Blessed – and then it takes care of counting down rounds for you.”  Nice! Suck it, Digital Initiative.

He talks about other technology stuff like Surface and ARGs, PDF publishing, POD, etc.  Check it out!