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Gen Con in Trouble?

In quite a bit of drama, Lucasfilms is suing Gen Con LLC for not paying them the money due them from the auction  at the Star Wars Celebration show in 2007.   Shortly after that, Gen Con filed for bankruptcy.  Gen Con CEO Peter Adkison claims that this won’t impact Gen Con Indy at all.  I hear that besides Lucasfilms, they owe large sums to other folks including the Indiana Department of Revenue.

My thoughts.  One, it seems fast for the lawsuit.  The con was in May 2007 and the suit was filed by January, which is unusual.  Also, it seems unlikely this won’t affect Gen Con Indy – the cost reduction pressure will be immense.  Chapter 11’s not a ‘get out of jail free’ card like Adkison seems to think it is.  I have been to a couple Gen Cons, and though I haven’t been in a while I was contemplating going this time for the 4e launch since I was at the 3e launch long ago.  Should I?  Should I bail?  Anyone out there with an opinion?