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Legends of Steel – Two New Session Summaries Up!

Our gaming group has been playing a Savage Worlds campaign set in the “Legends of Steel” swords & sorcery milieu.  Our brave heroes – well, at least we’re definitely batting more than .500.  We only lose less than half 0f our fights.  Mainly, we consort with Indians and pirates – it’s like some demented Never-Never Land, with us as the Lost Boys.  You get to decide who’s Tinkerbell.

Anyway, we’re up to five sessions completed.  Read all about it!

Here’s a bonus sample:

Baba Ali explains to the others that Radu is the Dark City, inhabited by sorcerers, beastmen, pirates, priests of forbidden gods, mortgage agents, same-sex couples and other monsters. They recently went to war against the city of Albana, summoning dragons to scorch the towers and merchant fleet. The city is one of the few where sorcery is openly practiced, among other perversions. Baba Ali lowers his voice when he tells the others that the city retransmits Major League baseball games with implicit oral permission, not explicit written permission! The others are horrified.