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Farewell to Living Greyhawk

As some of you may know, this year will be the last for Living Greyhawk.  It is being retired and the campaign will come to an end with the close of 2008. 

This is a sad thing; I was one of the original Living Greyhawk Triads that helped launch the campaign along with the advent of D&D 3e at Gen Con in 2000.  Greyhawk had always been my favorite campaign setting, and I welcomed the chance to help develop it.  I helped run the Yeomanry, which represented the real life states of TN, AR, LA, KY, AL, and MS.  The Yeomanry League is a cool nation; a proto-democratic state where military service grants citizenship.   

Even worse, it doesn’t appear that they have any plan to further Greyhawk after this point.  Many volunteers wrote hundreds of adventures and put lots of work in developing details of every region, and every indication is that work will just be lost.  That’s a shame and a waste.

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