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Origins Award Finalists Announced

Per ICv2, the Origins Award finalists have been announced – the winners are announced at Origins in June.

As I don’t give a crap about all that stuff other than RPGs, here’ s the RPG finalists excerpted!


  • CthulhuTech by Catalyst Game Labs
  • D&D 4e Player’s Handbook by Retardation Studios
  • Mouse Guard RPG by Archaia Studios Press
  • Star Wars Saga Edition..  What?   I call shenanigans on this.  It was released in June 2007, even the WotC product page says so.
  • The Trail of Cthulhu, Pelgrane Press

RPG Supplements:

  • Buccaneers of Freeport by Green Ronin Publishing
  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide, by Mary Sue Productions
  • Hero Lab, by Lone Wolf Development
  • Serenity Adventures, by Margaret Weis Productions
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by Wizards of the Coast

I have no vote for the RPG finalists – haven’t played any of them except 4e (sucks) and SW: Saga (good but from two years ago).  I definitely vote Buccaneers of Freeport for the supplements though.  I so love Freeport.

In fact – not only was SW: Saga from 2007, but CthulhuTech was a finalist last year as well!  What the hell?!?  Is this year’s crop of RPGs so shitty we have to pull last year’s in to make a solid spread of nominees?  Hmmm.  Well, it looks like CT was published through Mongoose initially but then switched publishers to Catalyst so it could come out as a full color hardcover…  I guess that’s enough of a change to merit resubmission.  What’s SW:Saga’s excuse?  Did Lucas issue a new version where Han doesn’t shoot first?

Award Season

Apparently the time has come for all the annual RPG awards. I like these because they turn me on to games that may be good that I haven’t heard of before. Especially this year, I’m surprised about all the games I’ve never heard of. The majority don’t have a single rpg.net review.

First, we have the 34th annual Origins Awards, already presented. I already posted on these; my biggest takeaways were that Aces & Eights and Codex Arcanis got the big wins and I had heard of neither one. My copy of Aces & Eights is in the mail, though! This got me interested and when Kenzer & Co. decided to exert their legal rights by putting out a 4e supplement without signing the hideous GSL, I was sold.

Next, we have the ENnies, which have the nominees set. I really liked RPGpundit’s line by line analysis of the nominees, it’s hilarious and I agree with a lot of it especially the categories I don’t care about. “Best Regalia” my ass. Although I think he’s too rough on some of the nominees – Alpha Omega certainly looks beautiful and cool from its PDF preview, and Aces & Eights seems fun too. Voting starts July 21!

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Cattlepunk! And Origins!

My favorite Knights of the Dinner Table comics were always the ones where they played their fictional Wild West game, Cattlepunk. Here’s an example. Well, it looks like I may be able to do the same soon, because I was just looking at the Origins awards from this year and the RPG winner was Aces & Eights, a “straight” western game (in other words no supernatural elements) from KenzerCo!

Note to game companies. The first guys that combined supernatural horror and the Wild West were cooking with gas. (Deadlands!) Doing it again (for about the twentieth time now) is not so cool. Quit it.

Here’s the nominees and winners from Origins for best RPG and best RPG supplement. What about the other categories – minis, board games, card games? Who cares, I don’t play any of that crap! Real men play RPGs! (Sadly, it sounds like board games are on the rise and RPGs are going out in the marketplace – companies like Atlas Games are pretty much only living on board/card game sales nowadays. Sad.)

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