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Over the Edge is Back!

What were Jonathan Tweet and Robin Laws doing back in the ’90’s before they became RPG superstars?  They wrote Over the Edge, a rules light game of surreal conspiracy set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Al Amarja. It was a, perhaps the, seminal indie game. Sadly they stopped supporting it a decade ago.

Why is this not just a historical note?  Well, for its 20th anniversary, Atlas Games is not only releasing a limited edition special copy of OTE second edition, but they have also open sourced the OTE rules under the Open Gaming License as the WARP (Wanton Roleplaying) System. They als0 have an open call for Over the Edge adventures for a new anthology – you have a month to get ’em done!

I personally loved Over the Edge.  I never got to play it, but it was the first real rules light game I ever saw, after D&D and Star Frontiers and all the other late ’80’s/early ’90’s games and it opened my eyes to how you could do that.  When I got In Nomine the amount of rules annoyed me and I thought “I could do that in OtE… And maybe all the angels think that Al Amarja is the one place on Earth out of the direct sight of God, so if they want to do something they’d otherwise get fallen for, they can do it there…”  And it doesn’t have the annoying immersion-breaking nonsense a lot of the narrative games nowadays do.  Check it out!