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Ty & That Guy Podcast

I just got turned on to the video podcast by Ty Franck (one half of James S.A. Corey, author of The Expanse), and Wes Chatham (Amos Burton on The Expanse). It’s fascinating, and in the first episode Ty talks about how he basically used a D&D game to develop the plot – in fact, the core characters like Holden were named by their initial players!

It’s a great podcast about the Expanse, other classic sci-fi we all know and love, and more – check it out on YouTube!

RPG Podcast Roundup

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately and thought I’d share the good ones.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t use to listen to podcasts. I read faster than I listen so considered it simply lazy production. But with my new job I have a commute pushing an hour so it’s a great thing to fill the gap with. (Video podcasts are still out for this reason…)

Dirty secret, I only listen to podcasts I can get on iTunes. Why? I’m a single dad with a challenging job and most of my RPG hobby time I spend doing something actually useful like playing or GMing or writing content. Fiddling around with people’s Web sites and manually downloading crap is right out.

Game publishers –  you want to support podcasts.  Hearing people talk in depth about products is better than any marketing. I was very cool towards the Pathfinder MMO and I had picked up Night’s Dark Agents (Ken Hite) in the game store and put it down again. But then Chronicles’ GenCon recording about the MMO and RPPR’s discussion of Night’s Dark Agents (I didn’t know it used the Blowback pyramid and had decent combat rules!) sold me on those products.

Without further ado, here’s my favorites.

Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast – it’s irregular and when they do come out it’s these 3-7 hour long monster episodes (hint: audio editing software allows you to release that as 7 1 hour episodes!) but it’s got great Pathfinder coverage, they go over AP chapters in depth, get the authors on, detail fixing the problems with it, etc.  As a Pathfinder GM I get the most direct use out of this podcast.

Role Playing Public Radio – they have both a discussion podcast and an Actual Play podcast.  I prefer the discussion – most Actual Plays are very hard to listen to without headphones and using  a lot of mental CPU to overcome the audio problems endemic to the format. But the great thing about them is that they do a wide variety of games. CoC, Eclipse Phase, Wild Talents, and more. Loads of shout outs to RPGs and other genre stuff they come across and like. And they come out weekly!

Geek In Review – Geek talk from RPGs to movies to TV to politics. Comes out religiously every week. Very knowledgeable commentators. Has become my first weekly go-to podcast.

Others Worth Mentioning

Podcasts I’ve run across and listened to some of.

So in honor of my newfound love of gaming podcasts, I’ve added a new Podcasts section to my links, check them all out!