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I Hate the RAW

OK, so a lot of things are getting my goat this week.  Anyway, the mentality among some D&D  players about “the rules are God” is starting to drive me crazy.  This thread and this thread on the Paizo forums are great examples as they fret and fret about the RAW (rules as written).  Both are lightning rods for people obsessed with rule minutiae above making any kind of common sense rulings or modifications.  I’ve griped about this recently but here we go again.

In the second thread, it’s even funnier – the person doesn’t want to change a published adventure.  Not one bit.  They’ve read it all, they know there will be problems with it – but the written word is so holy they can’t conceive of even modifying an adventure to fit their PCs.

In the first, it’s a stealth/hide in plain sight/etc thread.  without getting into those specific details, it’s a whole hive of stuff that the rules just don’t define with lawyerlike precision.  Any real DM just makes calls that seem right to them.  That’s right, I said it.  If I think true seeing should cut through a shadowdancer’s supernatural shadow hidey ability – then it’s going to, in my game, no complex rule lawyering required – hell, I don’t even care if you find something in the books, or some thought from an “official game person” on a messageboard that semi-clearly implies that it doesn’t.  Now it does, suck it.  There’s a nearly infinite number of pedants that just can’t stand that the interaction of those things with tremorsense and magic and incorporeality and 200 other things aren’t 100% spelled out and by God a game designer needs to get their ass in that thread right now and spell it out for them.

Is it a lack of “imaginative play” as kids that is making these people require their rules-pablum spoon-fed to them?  A demented worship of the far away game gods and a familiar contempt for their own game master (or in the case of the guy in those two forum threads, he IS the DM, which makes it just so pathetically sad).

This is why D&D is no longer streamlined and brilliant and more like Microlite20 but instead requires 400 pages of law school shit to play, scaring away new players.

If James Jacobs or Mike Mearls or whoever is going to come run your games for you, then you can care what the fucking  game designer thinks.  But I’m the one spending 10 hours a week prepping and then 6 running the game so you can have fun, so what I say goes.  Don’t like it, find another game.  I run some pretty good games and have never had a problem getting players, so I’m not concerned that you fucking off will make me die old and lonely.

You know what?  It’s time to bring back some of the pejorative terms of gaming 20 years ago.

Rules lawyers.  Munchkins.  Power gamers.  Monty Haulers.  You’re on notice.  Somehow your filthy habits have become mainstreamed, over Gary Gygax’s dead body apparently.  But you’re not welcome, around here at least.