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4e Rogue Unveiled

In a new “Ampersand” column on the Wizards site, Bill Slavicsek shows, in its entirety, the new 4e rogue class writeup.  Go read it!  Now, my thoughts.

 1.  I don’t like the new PC roles and don’t like their prominent placement as the very first thing in the writeup.  You’re class X, therefore you are expected to fill role X.  It’s too constraining.  Welcome to the “new alignment”, where you’ll be embroiled in endless arguments about “that’s not a striker feat,” “that’s not what a striker would do,” et cetera.

2.  I like the fixed hit points and the simplified skills – just trained or untrained, no ranks.  My gaming group is using a similar house rule already in 3.5e to minimize fiddliness.  Intelligence apparently doesn’t affect your number of skills, which is odd.

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