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More Legends of Steel Session Summaries

Here’s a double helping of Savage Worlds goodness.  We have completed two  more sessions of our “Legends of Steel” swords & sorcery campaign and I’m getting caught up with publishing the summaries.

In Part VI, we rally and kill the contingent of bad guys trying to get the Green Sorcerous Rock of Unholy Death or whatever it is.  The main problem is that they have two werewolves with them.  The first one we end up having to kill with a sling juryrigged from an Indian chick’s halter top and silver pieces.  We prep a little better for the second one, and wipe out the rest of the baddies.  As I always like to say, “Wolfman has nards!!!”

In Part VII, the “Witch-Queen of Yar” sends some folks through a gate to ask for the stone too.  Some of the party wants to just hand it over.  But I, having just read Robert E. Howard’s “The Black Stranger,” decided to pull a daring double-cross.  As we were conducting the exchange, I asked “You know, the last group of guys gave us two werewolves to fight. What’s your offer?” and attacked!  Sadly, they got the stone anyway, but we got to fight a bunch of undead thingys and actually see the Witch-Queen in person.