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Carrion Crown Chapter 1, The Haunting of Harrowstone, Session 4

Fourth Session (11 page pdf) – Serial killer ghosts are no match for us – we are much scarier! We finish clearing out the prison and put the restless spirits to rest. Go, go, Ravengro!


We face the worst of the serial killer ghosts, the Splatter Man!  I was proud of Sredni Vashtar’s Girl – I figured since he liked writing down the names of his victims I’d write his name in his spellbook! Every time I did it destroyed a spell and hurt him. Then Doctor Vaus took him out. And we made Vesoriyana’s ghost happy…


Apparently warden’s wives who live in prisons dress like total hookers. Who knew.

In the end, we clean Harrowstone Prison and set the spirits to rest.  All of them, that is, but the Warden, whose ghost seems to have been taken by whoever killed the Professor…