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RPG Superstar Encounter Round

Finally!  The wait between RPG Superstar rounds is getting hard to take!  The final six present a full encounter for your judgement.

As in the last round, Christine from Germany and Boomer from Illinois are my hands down favorites.  Her Chase on Charred Ground is an exciting ride down an active volcano on orc bone sleds!  Boomer’s Impartial Tribunal comes in second for me – some flaws, but fun.  Many of the rest are usable, if IMO not competitive with the others.  Check ’em out!

RPG Superstar Monster Round

Ah, finally, the monsters are up and ready to vote on in the RPG Superstar contest!   And there’s some great ones.

My picks for the two totally awesome entries are Christine’s “Mind the Machine” set and Boomer’s “The Hunger That Moves.”

Christine’s envisioning of the Dungeon Core and Complexity Golem – they’re phenomenally inventive *and* very usable!  And Boomer’s bizarre ecosystem of freakish creatures would be great to base an adventure around.   Check them out!

RPG Superstar!

For those who haven’t seen it, Paizo Publishing (former home of Dragon and Dungeon magazines and current producer of the Pathfinder Adventure Paths) is running a contest called “RPG Superstar.”  It’s a multiround contest being conducted in full view of the community.  It’s great stuff so far, and the “three related monsters” round is coming up.

My personal favorite in the top 8 is Clinton Boomer, also known as Hennet from the hilarious D&D PSAs on YouTube.  Go Boomer!

I submitted a wondrous item for the contest, but it was too prosaic I reckon.  Here it is, though, for your use.  It’s obviously balanced with the Necklace of Fireballs and are modeled after Zuni (and other Native American) fetish necklaces.

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