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RPGs as Sports: Team Tracking Tools

It’s been a while since my last installment in my RPGs as Sports series, but while I was at SXSW Interactive last week a little cutie I met on a shuttle bus introduced me to a cool tool that got me thinking.

Gaming group management is a pain, and the few tools that exist to help with it suck.  I’ve used  Yahoo groups and other such things and that’s pretty much state of the art. But you know who has the exact same problems we do?  Sports teams, especially rec teams.  You need to keep up with a team roster, get info out to people (players and parents and whatnot) on games, share files, see who’s bringing snacks, even possibly collect dues. (I have a friend who manages a rec soccer team and getting the money out of the damn deadbeats for the ref fees is never ending.) Enter TeamSnap.  It’s designed for people putting together sports teams, but has pages on using it for clubs and other stuff.

I used to run the FORGE, the local gaming club in Memphis, and boy I wish this had been around then.  It does rosters, game scheduling, tracking player availability (scheduling games around our schedules is hard nowadays isn’t it old gaffers?), forums and messaging, player stats (think XP), photo and file sharing, payment collection, refreshment scheduling, shit it even has an iPhone app. Every bit of it is useful for a gaming group or organized play club. And it’s way slicker than anything aimed at the RPG sector specifically.

If you are having trouble scheduling games with your group, give it a try (most of the features are free) and see if it helps! I may try to talk my group into it…