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Weather Generation For Golarion

The topic of weather generation is popular among sim GMs.  The answers boil down to either random tables or using an almanac to find relevant weather from a place/time similar to the campaign’s.

Since I run a naval campaign, specific temperature, wind, etc. is an important part of the game to me and my PCs. I was using a random table method (using tables cobbled together from several sources because no one source has tables that are complete and don’t suck) – but I think I have a new plan along the almanac method line!

Enter VentuSky. Frickin beautiful isn’t it?  An animated map of temperature, wind, etc. for every hour of every day. Wind… Waves… All the info you’d ever want.  And on Golarion most areas are “Earth-like” – my PCs are sailing down the coast of Garund, which can be easily mapped one-to-one with the African coast. In fact, use this very cool interactive Golarion map to set up equivalencies!

The only problem it’s a short window forecast instead of all historical data, so you’re kinda stuck to same time-of-year as current IRL, but I thought I’d share it anyway! I emailed them to see what the chance was of getting historical data in there as well… I’ll update you!

Weather in Gaming

I was sitting here in South Texas, surrounded by the mostly ridiculous Hurricane Ike frenzy, thinking about the role of weather in RPGs.  Then, I came across a good post from Advanced Gaming & Theory on the seasons and its effects in D&D and thought I’d chip in.

Weather that’s always the same is lame, especially if it’s always inoffensive.  Sure, you can use weather as specific plot points, but is it really 72 degrees and clear every other day in your campaign world when you’re not thinking about it?

I always liked the weather generation tables in the old World of Greyhawk boxed set and got a lot of mileage out of them.  Then, I ran a super long campaign (5 years) that was slow-paced and simulation/roleplay intensive, and I got the idea of swiping weather from an almanac.  In fact, at the time I had to use the print version of the Old Farmer’s Almanac, but now it’s online and ready for you to plunder.

How to use it?  Pick a place that seems like your campaign’s location.  Let’s say I think the Gran March in Greyhawk seems kinda like Lexington, Kentucky.  Pick a random year (year of your birth is good) and then line up the month/season with whatever the starting season is in your game.  Then just use it, day by day!   So in my campaign’s locale today, it’s in the mid-sixties with some morning fog.  Thunderstorms are coming next Thursday.  Of course, if you need a specific kind of weather you can totally overrule it, but it keeps a very low cost sense of realism going to have realistic weather.  I appreciate it even in WoW, when sometimes the rain’s just coming on down out there.

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