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Shame on Wikia

Did you know that there’s an awesome wiki full of all kinds of information about Golarion, the Pathfinder campaign setting? It’s called the Pathfinder Wiki. It’s at pathfinderwiki.com.

But if you search for it, you are instead likely to find pages from pathfinder.wikia.com, the “Golariopedia.”  What’s up with that?  Just two different projects run by different folks?  Nope.

The Pathfinder Wiki crew started off on Wikia, the free wiki hosting service.  Then after a bunch of technology and policy changes they wanted to move off, and did.  So all the people who know what’s up are contributing content on the Pathfinder Wiki.

So they tried to close down their Wikia wiki.  Nope, Wikia won’t allow it. They tried to post on their wiki’s front page saying the project has moved.  Wikia deletes those messages without fail.  Basically so that they get the page views, I guess, Wikia is censoring what is supposed to be an open wiki to keep the content and unaware visitors on their site.

Go look at the recent changes on “Golariopedia” – just spam and crap.Of course, every once in a blue moon their deceive some new person to create an ID and submit some content, since they leverage Wikia’s reach to have better SEO than the real wiki.

So shame on you, Wikia.  If you don’t want projects to leave you, be better.  But holding onto the content and censoring mention of projects leaving you?  That’s evil.  Stop it. It’s deceptive and there’s more than enough of that on the Web without someone who used to be respectable contributing to it.

For the reader – use, and link to, the real Pathfinder Wiki.  Maybe we can reclaim the search engine rank for the real deal.