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Top Selling RPGs in Fall 2008

ICv2 has published an excerpt from their “Guide #61: Games” which promises an in depth look at the RPG industry.  They have an intriguing list of the top 5 bestselling games:

  1. D&D 4e – WotC
  2. Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy – Fantasy Flight
  3. World of Darkness – White Wolf
  4. Shadowrun- Catalyst Lab Games
  5. Pathfinder – Paizo Publishing

I wish there were numbers next to these to see “how much”.  It’s funny how in many ways the list looks like it’s the 1980’s again…  “Ah of course, D&D, World of Darkness, and Shadowrun!”  It’s cool that WH40k is #2; somewhat predictable due to how popular 40k the minis game has always been, but gratifying in light of the publisher change.

But the real news here is Pathfinder’s on the list at #5, and it’s just a beta, which is free in PDF to all!  And they ran out of print copies and aren’t selling more!  This is awesome and tells me that when Pathfinder ‘goes gold,’ assuming they don’t wait too long and lose momentum, it’ll be huge.

I should get a copy of this ICv2 guide.  I hope they have real numbers in it, so we can really compare RPGs but also compare those to the CCGs, CMGs, etc. in a real way.