Savage Freeport!

Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Green Ronin Publishing have made an agreement to come out with the Savage Worlds Freeport Companion.  To explain, Freeport, the City of Adventure, is the best known third party setting for D&D.  “Death in Freeport” was available at Gen Con along with the D&D 3e launch, and Green Ronin continued to support the tales of this pirate haven with many scenarios and some sourcebooks.  I introduced my Memphis gaming group to Freeport back in 2000 and we ran in it for many years.  Good times! 

 Most recently, they started to publish Freeport as a set of core “systemless” books and then system specific companions – their in-house True20 system and normal d20.  Now, they have a deal for a companion for the very cool new system Savage Worlds, which has been taking RPGdom by some amount of storm.  With WotC doing a good bit of mishandling of D&D 4e and its launch, they may or may not be supporting it initially, and hooking up with Savage Worlds is probably the best tactic (True20 is kinda blah – sorry guys, but it’s true).   They’ve also done a license for Castles & Crusades, which though not my cup of tea (it’s a simplified AD&D 1e clone) is popular as well – Goodman Games has started to support it with their popular line of adventures. 

I’ve played Savage Worlds once and really liked it.  Good luck guys!

One response to “Savage Freeport!

  1. Savage Worlds is fun. Wish I could play it more. I nominate as one of the most under appreciated RPG’s out there. Also, might I add it has really good fan support community and their forums are very civil.

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