Warhammer Roleplay Dies Again

The venerable Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay had, in the last couple years, been brought back to life by the skilled Black Industries, a British Games Workshop organ working in concert with ever-favorite American company Green Ronin.   They even just launched a Warhammer 40k RPG, Dark Heresy.  And now, despite that fact that it’s doing very well, Games Workshop has decided to discontinue BI including WFRP and WH40kRP and just focus on Warhammer novels.  This is a strange decision as the only reason anyone cares about WH novels is being led there either by the minis game or the RPG. 

I was never into WFRP back in the day, it was always more of a British thing.  But I had just picked up the new game and a number of supplements based on their strong publishing schedule and Internet community.  And I had gotten interested in Dark Heresy – but this news comes before my FLGS has it.  No sense investing in a stillborn game line, so screw ’em.  Sigh.  Ironically, I had heard of a specific WH40k novel Dark Heresy was kinda oriented around and had looked for it at my FLGS (they didn’t have it).   Now, I’m not so interested.

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