Mongoose Traveller In Playtest

The venerable old sci-fi game Traveller is getting a new release soon, from Mongoose Publishing.  And since they’re planning on making the rules open, they have an open playtest!  The current version of the playtest docs are linked from their Traveller product page.

I took the opportunity to do some character generation.  Like WFRP, Traveller has a random lifepathy character generation system, but in this case it takes you well into your character’s midlife.  You can even die during character generation in the “Iron Man” (classic) version.

Mongoose Traveller Character
Rolls: 3, 11, 10, 7, 7, 4

I decide to go for a tough but largely untalented noble from a desert planet, who decides to shape up and give his life meaning by joining the military.

Str  7
Dex  7
End 10 (+1)
Int  4 (-1)
Edu  3 (-1)
Soc 11 (+1) – Knight

He was born on a desert homeworld (Survival 0) and did little in his youth except party (Carouse 0).  He’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. 

Age 18 – Term 1
Let’s start with being a noble for term 1.
As basic training, he gets:
Admin 0
Advocate 0
Comms 0
Diplomat 0
Investigate 0
Persuade 0
He goes into Nobility: Dilettante, travelling the spacelanes, and for his rank of “Wastrel,” he gets Carouse 1.
Roll 6 on dilettante specialist table – Jack of all trades 1.
Survival: Yes.
Event: Life event –  Accused of a crime.  Choose Soc -1 or lose 1 bennie.
Leave this career, and he chooses to roll for the benefit – and gets a blade.  Soc to 10, for a benefit worth 100Cr.  Suck.

Age 22 – Term 2
He goes to join the Marines and makes his enlistment roll.  Ground assault beeyotches!
For his rank of Marine, he chooses Melee (blade) 1.  He rolls Melee on the Ground Combat table and takes Melee (blade) 2.
Survival: No!  He’s taken as a POW and mistreated.  -1 Str, -1 Dex, Rival: the enemy who kept him prisoner.  I like how that’s an ejectionworthy offense (not).

Age 26 -Term 3
Let’s try the scouts.  No, fail the enlistment roll.  OK, let’s try the random draft.  Back into the Marines.  Heh. 
He’ll try Star Marine this time, it’s a bit safer than Ground Assault.
For his Private rank he takes Gun Combat (energy rifle) 1.
And he gets lucky for the second time, with his specialist roll coming up Gun Combat (energy rifle) 2.
Survival: Yay, he survives this time.
Event: Mission goes disastrously wrong.  He chooses to narc out his officer for a +2 on his Advancement roll.
Commission:  Woot! Now a Lieutenant (Leadership 1).
Advance:  Woot! Now a Captain.  Bonus roll on officer skills – Leadership 2!  Muad’dib!!!!

Age 30 – Term 4
OK, let’s try that again.
Service Skill roll – Tactics (military) 1, which apparently gets you jack.
Survival: Yes.
Event: Life event!  Betrayal.  A new rival/enemy…  Let’s say that officer he narced out earlier was jealous and tried to betray his unit to the enemy, but he figured it out.
Advancement: Damn, a  4.  No.

Age 34 – Term 5
He’s starting to get old.  Luckily, he rolls no effect on the Aging roll.  Let’s try one more term as a Star Marine and connect with a PC with the event. 
Specialist roll: Battle dress 1.  Bah, when will he get touse that…
Survival: Son of a bitch, a 2.  Severely injured in action.  -1 point of Str.  Eh, the marines pay 75% of the cost of fixing it.  The rest is debt (1250Cr) I guess as he’s currently penniless.

Benefits (2 full terms plus 2 for rank):
Weapon – Energy rifle
Armor, +1 End
+1 Int
Weapon – take as skill bump for Gun Combat (energy rifle)

Age 38 – Term 6
Fail the Aging roll and take -1 Dex. 
Time to slow down – no way to get back into the armed service at this age.  He’ll go Nobility: Diplomat.  He gets in automatically because of his 10 Soc, gets Admin 1 as a 3rd Secretary, and rolls on Personal Development – +1 Dex, cancelling out the aging effects.
Survival: Yes.
Event: Time for a connection with another character as part of a failed noble conspiracy.  Penalty of Soc -1.
Advancement: Ooo, for the advancement roll a 6 with his Soc +1 DM barely squeaks him into “2nd Secretary.”  How glorious.  He rolls on PD and gets Deception 1.

Age 42, Term 7
Hey, let’s get old.  No aging effect, woot! 
More diplomacy.  Get Deception 2. 
Survival: Yes.
Event: Make the second PC connection with a life event (I hate these…)  Oh, romance.  That’s OK.  Hope there’s a female PC. 
Advancement: He makes first secretary!  Advocate 1 and a +1 Dex on the PD roll.  OK, I’m outa here! 

He gets 4 benefit rolls, and will take one as cash.
+1 Social

Finalize PC Connections – Carouse 2, Diplomacy 1

So the noble diplomat’s final stats:
Str  6
Dex  7
End 11 (+1)
Int  5 (-1)
Edu  3 (-1)
Soc 10 (+1)

Gun Combat (energy rifle) 3
Carouse 2
Deception 2
Leadership 2
Melee (blade) 2
Jack of all trades 1
Admin 1
Advocate 1
Diplomat 1
Tactics (military) 1
Battle dress 1
Comms  0
Investigate 0
Persuade 0
Survival 0
(It’s too bad most skill uses are Int/Edu-based and he’s retarded…)

Blade (cutlass, Marine style)
Weapon – some energy rifle
Armor – Cloth, Reflec, Vacc Suit, Combat Environment Suit, Combat Armour or Subdermal Armour – depends on campaign
TAS Membership
Yacht (5 shares)

Rival: Marine officer
Rival: Some snakeheads from the war

So, a tough (very) minor noble, who is both an ex-Captain in the Marines and an ex-Secretary in the Diplomatic Corps, whose main skills are drinking, arguing, leading people, and doing some killing when the shit goes down – but he can do a little bit of everything.  A Renaissance man!

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